<task> =
        "id": 111,   //primary key. used in update(...), *IGNORED* in create(...) 
        "user_id": 3,   //user id. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "tracker_id": 22, //id of the tracker to which task is assigned. can be null.  *IGNORED* in update(...)
        "location": {   //location associated with this task. cannot be null
            "lat": 56.5,
            "lng": 60.5,
            "address": "Fichtenstrasse 11", //address of the location
            "radius": 150  //radius of location zone in meters
        "label": "Deliver parcels",  
        "description": "Quickly",
        "creation_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //when task was created. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "from": "2014-02-03 04:05:06", //date AFTER which task zone must be visited
        "to": "2014-03-04 05:06:07", //date BEFORE which task zone must be visited
        "external_id": null,  //used if task was imported from external system. arbitrary text string. can be null
        "status": "assigned", //task status. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "status_change_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //when task status was changed. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "max_delay" : 5, //maximum allowed task completion delay in minutes,
        "min_stay_duration": 0, //minumum duration of stay in task zone for task completion, minutes
        "arrival_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //when tracker has arrived to the task zone. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "stay_duration": 0, //duration of stay in the task zone, seconds
        "origin": "imported",  //task origin. *IGNORED* in create(...)/update(...)
        "tags": [1, 2] //array of tag ids,
        "type": "task"

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