User of dealer can switch tracker from tariff t1 to tariff t2 if:

  1. tracker belongs to user and isn’t a clone.
  2. tracker’s tariff last changed more than tariff.freeze.period (config option. default 30 days) ago.
  3. t1.tariff_id != t2.tariff_id, i.e. new tariff must be differ from current.
  4. t1.dealer_id = t2.dealer_id = dealer.effectiveDealerId, i.e. current and new tariffs must belongs to user’s effective dealer
  5. = 1, i.e. new tariff is active (tariff’s option “Allow users to switch to this tariff independently” in panel is set on)
  6. t1.grouping = t2.grouping, i.e. user can change tariff only within one group of tariffs
  7. t2.device = tracker, i.e. new tariff must be for trackers
  8. new tariff is available to user’s legal type

User’s effective dealer is

  1. user’s dealer if its dealer_id = defaultDealerId (config option) or dogovor_type = ‘paas’
  2. parent of user’s dealer elsewise


  • 201 – Not found in database (if user doesn’t have trackers with given tracker_id)
  • 219 – Not allowed for clones of the device
  • 237 – Invalid tariff (if there are no tariff with tracker.tariff_id and belongs to user’s effective dealer)

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