Disable access for sub-user to the specified trackers.

required tariff features: multilevel_access – for ALL trackers
required subuser rights: admin (available only to master users)


name description type
subuser_id id of the sub-user belonging to current account int
trackers array of tracker id-s to remove from the specified sub-user. All trackers must belong to current master user int[]


    "success": true


  • 13 – Operation not permitted – if user has insufficient rights
  • 236 – Feature unavailable due to tariff restrictions (if there is at least one tracker without “multilevel_access” tariff feature)
  • 201 – Not found in database – if sub-user with such id does not exist or does not belong to current master user.
  • 262 – Entries list is missing some entries or contains nonexistent entries – if one or more of specified tracker ids don’t exist.

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