Statuses are used to track current activity for employees (in fact, of tracking devices owned by employees). Simplest example is “busy” / “not busy”. This is a status listing consisting of two elements. Different trackers can be assigned different status lists.

Status object structure

<status> =
      "id": 5, //unique identifier of this status. Read-only.
      "label": "Busy", //human-readable label for this status
      "color": "E57373" //hex-representation of RGB color used to display this status

Status listing object structure

<status_listing> =
      "id": 1, //unique identifier of this status listing. Read-only.
      "label": "Taxi driver statuses", //human-readable label for this status listing
      "employee_controlled": true, //if true, employees can change their own status, e.g. using mobile tracking app
      "supervisor_controlled": false, //if true, 
      "entries": [ 5, 2, 1, 4, 6] //list of id-s of statuses which belong to this listing. Order matters, and is preserved.

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