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Use correspondent Report plugin to retrieve necessary information in appropriate view.
Trip report plugin
A day-by day report of all tracks for each tracker from “trackers”. Report includes addresses, length, max and average speed, etc. Per-day and overall summary also included.
id: 4
Plugin-specific parameters: none
Idle report plugin
A day-by day report of all idle periods for each tracker from trackers. The data contains date and time, address, duration, etc. per each day, as well as summary information for the period.
Русский. Отчет по стоянкам. Предоставляет список всех стоянок для указанных устройств. Результат содержит дату и время, адрес, продолжительность и т.д. в разбивке по суткам, а также сводную информацию за период.
id: 6
No plugin-specific parameters.
Engine hours report plugin
A day-by day report of all active ignition periods for each tracker from “trackers”.
id: 7

name description type
show_detailed If “true”, day-by-day dettails are icnluded in the report. Boolean

Geofence report plugin
A day-by day report for all geofence visits for each tracker from “trackers”. You can exclude fixing pass-through geofence – when the time of being inside the fence is less set duration.
Русский. Отчет по геозонам. Фиксирует въезды и выезды из геозон. При этом можно исключить быстрые “проезды” геозон – когда время нахождения в геозоне меньше заданной длительности.
id: 8

name description type
min_minutes_in_zone Minimum duration of geozone visit for it to be included in report. Integer

Sensor report plugin
Provides plot for specified sensor and a table with sensor values.
id: 9

name description type
sensors Array of sensor mapping objects (see below) Object[]
graph_type Can be “time” or “mileage” String
details_interval_minutes An interval in minutes between records in sensor details table. (from 30 to 360) Integer
smoothing If true, smoothing will be applied to sensor data. Boolean

Sensor mapping object:

"tracker_id":<a tracker id for which the sensor is specified, i.e. 3029>, //int
"sensor_id":<sensor id, i.e. 39> //int

Fuel report plugin
Provides plot for all fuel level sensors (support old-gen grouping) and a table of filling/drains of fuel.
id: 10

name description type
graph_type Can be “time” or “mileage” String

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