Retrieving reports
The API actions from this category enable to retrieve analytic reports: [1] as a raw data (JSON) or [2] as a downloaded file (PDF, etc.). In both cases the output information contains table data (split in rows/columns), charts and diagrams. Besides, the report result usually contains data structures with detailed information and summary data.
The standard workflow:
Start generating some report with specified parameters using generate(…). While it takes some time (depends on the depth of the calculation, mainly related to the report time and selected period length), you can check the current status of the execution with status(report_id) function. The list(…) shows available reports – recently generated or currently processing.
Retrieve report result as a raw data (JSON) using retrieve(report_id) or file (i.e. PDF) using status(report_id)


This is H1

Hello world


I would not think that this is more convenient, but it could be the matter of habits.

Tables Are Cool
col 1 is left-aligned $1600
col 2 is centered $12
col 3 is right-aligned $1
 Ok, some code goes here But let's see how it works 

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