Get dealer info and dealer-specific UI settings by domain.

It does not need authentication and available in UNAUTHORIZED access level.


  • domain – (string) Dealer’s monitoring interface domain, e.g. “”


    "success": true,
    "dealer": {
        "id": 5001,                     // int. dealer id
        "ui_domain": "", // Dealer's UI domain
        "company_url": ""     // Dealer's promo site URL
                                        // e.g. "" or ""
    "settings": {         //may be null if dealer has not set any custom settings
        "domain" : "",   // same as dealer.ui_domain
        "service_title": "Navixy Demo", // Title of the service
        "locale": "at_AT",              // default locale of the dealer
        "demo_login": "demo",           // dealer's login for demo user 
                                        // (or empty string if no demo user available)
        "demo_password": "demo",        // dealer's password for demo user 
                                        // (or empty string if no demo user available)
        "maps": ["roadmap", "osm"],     // list of available  maps, 
                // e.g. ["roadmap", "cdcom", "osm", "wikimapia", "yandexpublic", "hybrid", "satellite"]
        "default_map": {  //default map settings
            "type": "roadmap",          // default map type
            "location": { //default map center location
                "lat": 57.0,            // latitude
                "lng": 61.0             // longitude
            "zoom": 10                  // default map zoom level
        "currency": "EUR",              // dealer's currency ISO 4217 code
        "payment_link": "", // PaaS-dependent link that can be used 
                                       // to refill user's account. Can be null or empty. 
        "promo_url": "",            // customizable "About company" url
        "google_client_id": "clientID", // client id which which must be used to work with google API or null
        "favicon": "paas/5001/custom.ico", // path or url to dealer's interface favicon
        "logo": "paas/5001/logo.png",   // path or url to dealer's logotype
        "login_wallpaper": "paas/5001/login.png", // path or url to dealer's interface login wallpaper
        "desktop_wallpaper": "", // path to dealer's interface wallpaper or null
        "monitoring_logo": "", // path to dealer's interface monitoring logo or null
        "login_footer": "All rights reserved.", // footer which will be included in login page. 
        "allow_registration": true,     // if true then registration is available for dealer's users 
                                        // all html special chars escaped using HTML entities.
        "show_mobile_apps" : true,      // if true then mobile applications are available for dealer's users 
        "show_call_notifications" : true,      // if true then call notifications are available for dealer's users 
        "default_user_settings": {
            "geocoder": "google",            // default geocoder
            "route_provider": "progorod",    // default router
            "measurement_system": "metric",  // measurement system
            "translit": false
        "display_model_features_link" : true, // when true show in model info link to (UI option)
        "color_theme": "aqua",          // (string) color theme code or empty string (for default theme)
        "privacy_policy_link": "http://privacy-policy-url",
        "tos": "Terms Of Service text",
        "enable_trackers": true,        // if true, GPS monitoring interface is available for dealer's users
        "enable_cameras": false,        // if true, camera monitoring interface is available for dealer's users
        "tracker_model_filter": {       // a filter which describes tracker models available for registration
            "exclusion": true,          // in this example all models available
            "values": []
        "internal": {  // additional options
            "light_registration": true,           // use "very simple" registration with demo tracker
            "demo_tracker_source_id": 14,         // id of tracker created on 'light_registration'
            "demo_tracker_label": "Demo tracker", // label of of tracker created on 'light_registration'
        "no_register_commands": false // if true then do not send commands to devices on activation
    "demo_ends": "2014-01-01"           // a date when demo for this PaaS ends. 
                                        // Is null when PaaS is not on demo tariff


  • 12 – Dealer not found (if corresponding PaaS was not found in database)
  • 201 – Not found in database (if there is no Ui settings data for corresponding PaaS)

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