Registration plugins

Because of the variety of tracker models and business applications, there are many different ways to register tracker in our system. They are called “Registration plugins“. Each of registration plugins has its own set of additional parameters.

For more specific information, see list of available plugins in the submenu on the left.

How to use

To use registration plugin, just pass its ID as “plugin_id” parameter when making tracker/register(…) API request.

Plugin availability

  • Before using plugin, you must make sure that it’s available for the current user. Plugin is considered available if it’s returned in response to plugin/list() API request.
  • Also you must check that selected plugin supports the model of the tracker you want to register. The model is supported if it’s accepted by plugin’s “model_filter”. See plugin/…

Don’t forget to include all plugin-specific parameters when making this request. Plugin-specific parameters are listed on the page describing plugin of your choice.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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