Trip by shifts report

In this report you can see the same parameters as in “Trip report”, but information is grouped by shifts, which are specified by plugin-specific parameters. Totals is grouped by shifts too.

id: <undefined yet>


Plugin-specific parameters:

filterIf true, smart filter will be applied to the report.Boolean, default true
split_at_midnightIf true, shifts will be splitted at 00:00Boolean, optional
show_coordinatesIf true, “Lat” & “Lng” columns will be added to the report.Boolean, default false

  "shifts": [
      "name": "shift1",
      "start_time": "10:00",
      "end_time": "11:00"
      "name": "shift2",
      "start_time": "11:00",
      "end_time": "13:00"
      "name": "shift3",
      "start_time": "14:00",
      "end_time": "15:00"

Json object

Constraints for “shifts” parameter:

  • not null
  • shifts number must be from 1 to 4 (inclusive)
  • time intersections are denied for shifts. there must be no “start_time”, which is between “start_time” and “end_time” of some other specified shift
  • all shifts must belong to single 24-hours period. (summary period of all shifts must be less or equal 24 hours)
  • fields “name”, “start_time”, “end_time” must not be null


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