Fuel report

Provides a report, which for all fuel sensors (support old-gen grouping) contains a graph of fuel and a table of filling/drains of fuel.

id: 10


graph_typeCan be “time” or “mileage”.String
detailed_by_datesIf true, a table with statistics for every single day in period will be added to the report.Boolean
include_mileage_plotIf true, a plot will be added to the graph, showing mileage changes over time. Only works if graph_type=”time”.Boolean
include_speed_plotIf true, the graph will contain a plot, showing speed changes over time/mileage.Boolean
smoothingIf true, smoothing filter will be applied to plots.Boolean
surgeFilterIf true, fuel plot will be filtered to eliminate peaks.Boolean
surgeFilterThresholdThreshold for applying the surge filter.Real number

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