2. Message formats

Format for requests and responses

To make API call, for example, resource/action() send http GET or POST request to

The response will be given in application/json format. Response fields and object structure is specific to API call.

Ensuring compatibility

Our API evolves over time, and new methods and JSON object fields are being added. We are doing our best to ensure our API remains backwards compatible with legacy API clients. However, you must ensure that any JSON object fields which are not supported by your app are ignored, and that in event if new JSON fields are returned, your application will not break. Also, sometimes, to reduce response size, JSON fields which are NULL are omitted. Your JSON parser should handle missing JSON fields as if they were NULL.

Error handling

If an error occurs, API returns special error response. You can also detect error by checking HTTP response code. If it’s not 200 OK, you should parse and handle response body as an error response.
In the event of error occurs, the response will be in the following format:

"success": false,
"status": {
"code": 1, // error code
"description": "Database error" // error description

For more information about exceptions see API Error codes.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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