API: Get started

General principles

Each API resource semantically corresponds to some entity, for example: geofences, rules, objects, etc. The API calls for CRUD and other operations with these entities have similar names regardless the resource used: list/read/create/delete.

Standard workflow (example)

Let’s describe standard workflow for API developer using very simple and most common example — requesting the track points data:

  1. Determine URL to API calls:
    1. for NAVIXY ServerMate it will be http(s)://
    2. for On-Premise instances it will be http(s)://api.your_domain/
  2. Authorize with user/auth(…). This API method will return the hash you should use for all your next API calls.
  3. Get objects lists with tracker/list()
  4. Get track lists with track/list(…)
  5. Get the track itself: track/read(…)

In other words, to start working with API, the developers should have API call description (as provided herein), and know user login and password.

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