Reset admin panel password

While working with Navixy On-premise platform there might be a situation when you need to reset your admin panel password. This may be required in the following situations:

  • You set a new password and lost it for some reason.
  • Someone changed the existing password and didn't tell you (in case several people have access to the admin panel).

The platform does not provide a mechanism for resetting the admin panel password within the interface. In case of Servermate (SaaS) version of Navixy platform this operation is performed by request to technical support, but for the On-premise platform instance such operation must be performed within your own server.

Resetting the password requires a direct connection to the server. If your platform is deployed on two servers, the operation is performed on the application server - where the Java services are running.

Steps to follow

Change the directory to where api-server is located.

  • Linux: cd /home/java/api-server
  • Windows (actions are performed in the command prompt): cd C:\java\api-server

Execute the following command:

java -cp api-server.jar com.navixy.tool.PanelPasswordSet

The following dialogue will appear:

Set new panel password? Type `yes` to continue:

Confirm the password change by typing yes, and you will be prompted to enter a new password:

Enter new password:

Enter the desired password. You will be prompted to confirm the new password setting operation:

Set panel password to `newpassword`? Type `yes` to continue:

Confirm the password setting by typing yes, and you will see a notification that the password has been successfully changed.

Password was set successfully.

You can now log in with your new password.

If your platform was last updated earlier than 2022 (check version), the above method will not work. Contact technical support.

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