Admin panel

Authentication error

  • You’re entering admin login and password into the authorization form and web interface is cannot be loaded. At the end of loading process you receive the “Authentication error”. To find out what leading to such error, press F12. And you will see the browser console. Click on the tab “Network”. Red text is errors. By clicking on a error you can get description of one in the right part of the console. If you click on “Preview” you’ll see API’s answer. And now the error is located. Most likely it will be “Database error”. To fix please check if mysql is running and have no any errors.

Loading process is being hung and you see only picture with text “Loading”

  • Check API URL, it may be incorrect URL in the PConfig.js. File is located in web server’s root directory, usually it is /var/www/panel. Replace with correct one and reload the page
  • Check if API server is running. If not type
    sv u api-server

    to run it

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