Device activation

Activation process works in such a way that you first specify ICC/Phone number and IMEI of the tracker. Then the platform sends basic configuration SMS commands to the tracker. If tracker replies- activation finishes.

So the first thing to check is if SMS command was sent.
There is no SMS gateway pre-installed, so you need to set up SMS gateway first.
Without one, only manual activation is possible.

Things to check:

  1. SMS delivery
    • Check that SMS-server is running - sv status sms-server
    • SMS delivery is not forbidden in the tariff plan settings or disabled in the admin panel
    • Check SMS server logs for errors
    • Phone number specified is correct
  2. SMS processing (SMS received but no reply from device)
    • SIM card is installed correctly
    • SIM is active (not able to receive messages)
    • SIM has no PIN or Master Number set up that prevents it from being used by the device
    • Device has a default password
    • Device is nor faulty
  3. Connection issue
    • Check that TCP-server is running - sv status navixyserver
    • Check that device's port is open
    • GSM provider allows connects to the IP of your server (regional restrictions)
    • APN parameters specified on the device are correct
    • Device has GSM coverage
    • IMEI specified on the platform matches the device
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