SMS gateway

SMS gateway

Navixy uses SMS gateway for various purposes:

  • Automated devices activation
  • M2M messages to / from tracking devices
  • User notifications about the events
  • User commands

It is highly recommended to use bi-derectional SMS center: (1) for outgoing messages and (2) lease a dedicated phone number for incoming SMS messages.

Supported gateways

  • Popular worldwide services:
    • Twilio – one of the most world’s known service from California based company. It works well in many countries, especially in the US, Canada, UK. See more details about global messaging on company’s web page. Navixy communicates with Twilio via the API (recommended), although SMPP protocol is also supported.
    • Nexmo – another proven service from company based in San Francisco with direct routes to many countries. See country specific information. Navixy utilizes Nexmo API (recommended). The advantage of Nexmo service is also its ability to handle binary SMS (which is useful for some GPS tracking devices), although it works not in all countries.
    • Textlocal – one more global SMS service provider based in the UK and considered the UK’s #1 business SMS platform. Being a part of global mobile technology company IMImobile, Textlocal has been integrated with mobile operators across 60 countries ensuring its reliable work and coverage for most territories. Navixy communicates with Textlocal via the API (recommended). Please also note that Textlocal is not able to handle binary messages.
  • Regional and country specific services:
    • ESEYE – suits Western Europe as well as other countries
    • RouteSMS – works well in India, UAE, Nigeria
    • SMSTraffic – works best for Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Other SMS gateways and services:
    • SMPP – the industry standard peer-to-peer protocol that allows to use with Navixy any SMS gateway, that provides earnest commercial services. The most common version supported is SMPP v.3.4. To configure the connection you should ask your messaging provider for the following information:
      • IP address of SMPP provider server
      • Port
      • Login (also known as system id)
      • Password

      And also some further settings:

      • Source TON/NPI
      • Destination TON/NPI
      • Default charset
      • Allowed sender
  • Hardware SMS Gateways – for in-house installation:
    • Yeastar (NeoGate) – a wide range of GSM gateways with one or multiple SIM cards, can be easily configured

For success delivery and automated GPS trackers configuration your SMSC should comply with the following requirements:

  • Permit to send SMS messages using from phone number in the international format – to all the GSM networks you will use
  • Support texting using charsets in either GSM0338 8bit or Latin-1 (these formats are used to sending SMS commands to GPS trackers),  UCS2 (this format is used to sent texts with latin chars).

Setup and Configuration

If you use Navixy ServerMate edition our support team will do necessary settings for you. For more information about how to setup chosen SMS gateway on your On-Premise or Cloud instance please refer the documentation.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


USA: +1 858 815 9045

Mexico: +52 334 1642158

UK: +44 808 1641499

Germany: +49 1573 5988250

Russia: +7 495 223 0427

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