Network bandwidth

Navixy platform is constantly generating traffic, which mostly includes data exchange with GPS trackers and tile data (downloading map tiles from map providers). However, the average network load is relatively small, and most ISP’s standard unlimited plans should be enough to handle it. To give more details, below you can find the approximate network load for 2000 trackers:

Average 200-400 kBit/s
With occasional peaks up to 800 kBit/s

Average 300-800 kBit/s
With occasional peaks up to 6 MBit/s

The number 2000 was taken as an example, but it should give the general picture regarding network consumption. This is just estimations, the actual traffic consumption will depend on the used trackers, so some overhead should be taken into account, especially if you plan to use more than 2000 trackers. Also, since outgoing traffic is prevalent, it might prove advantageous to pick corresponding plan from ISP, if they offer such.

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