Domain names

Navixy is a web platform typically used in a public network. Therefore, in most cases, it needs a domain name. Of course, domain names are optional, and you can use IP address to access the platform directly, but domain names significantly increase presentability and ease-of-use of your service.

To use domain names, you need an account with any public DNS hosting service. There are many DNS hosting services available, one of the most popular is

Typically, DNS hosting service provides you with an admin panel, where you can create and control your domain names. To work with Navixy, you need to create several A-type DNS records, pointing to your Navixy server. Assuming you have a domain “”, here’s an example of the domain configuration: – a domain used for API calls and for backend operation – a domain used for accessing admin panel. Can be also, or anything you like – a domain used for accessing the monitoring service. This one will be used by your users. Can be also,, or anything you like.

After creating A-type records, please send the domain names of your choosing to Navixy support team, and we will configure the web-server of your Navixy platform accordingly.

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