Textlocal is a United Kingdom based company that provides sms service.

Field params looks like this:

    "username": "user@domain.tld", 
    "hash": "your-secure-hash", 
    "enable_status_callback": false
type: transceiver
provider: textlocal

hash – secure hash can be found within Messenger in the main navigation under “Help->All Documentation”.

OR using API key

    "api_key": "your-api-key", 
    "enable_status_callback": false
type: transceiver
provider: textlocal

api_key – This can be used instead of the username/hash/password. You can create it in your Messenger Control Panel( https://control.txtlocal.co.uk/settings/apikeys/ ) for each application, and limit the usage of it by host IP Address.

Retrieving Textlocal API key

For India version of TextLocal (http://textlocal.in) you must add custom URL parameter:

    "url": "http://api.textlocal.in/send/",
    "api_key": "your-api-key", 
    "enable_status_callback": false

SQL request to create sms gate in Navixy system:
(previously you’ll need to be registered on Textlocal web site and get username/hash/api_key)

INSERT INTO `google`.`sms_gates` (`type`, `provider`, `params`, `enabled`, `class_filter`) VALUES ('transceiver', 'textlocal', '{"api_key":"your-api-key"}',1,'*');

Update phone number that will be used as sender phone.

UPDATE `google`.`dealers` SET `master_phone` = "TEXTLOCAL_PHONE",`from_sms`="TEXTLOCAL_PHONE" WHERE dealer_id=1;

In the request shown above you should insert your textlocal phone number instead of TEXTLOCAL_PHONE.

Also if you are writing script you should escape all backticks.

Incoming messages

You can configure any of your Textlocal inboxes to send a notification to a URL whenever you receive a message. This is perfect for two-way communication via your website or application. To enable message notifications, simply enter your URL into the relevant inbox settings within Messenger.:


Where $IPADDR is an ip address of the server or its domain name
$GATEID – id of sms gate which is processing incoming messages
22000 – port used to listen connects(default value)

For more information, please see Textlocal docs

If you have more questions please contact our support team

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