SMS Gateway Neogate

How to pre-install Neogate
  1. Connect Neogate to the LAN or directly to PC for making settings
  2. Assign an ip address to your PC from network
  3. Type in your browser and enter default login and password admin/password
  4. Change default ip address of the device to actual network ip address on “LAN settings” tab. It may be address from private networks(,, and using DNAT or direct “white” address routed to the Internet.
  5. Open access to the 5038 tcp port from the Internet on your firewall.
  6. API should be enabled in NeoGate. Click “SMS” tab on the upper right corner, and click API Settings. Tick
    the box in front of “Enable API”. Enter the IP address that is allowed to run SMS Client. Save and apply

If you have more questions please contact our support team


USA: +1 858 815 9045

Mexico: +52 334 1642158

UK: +44 808 1641499

Germany: +49 1573 5988250

Russia: +7 495 223 0427

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