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OpenStreetMap (osm) geocoder works under the Nominatim protocol and supports any service working under this protocol. Nominatim protocol supports both direct geocoding – searching coordinates by address, and reverse – address searching by coordinates.

OpenStreetMap offers free geocoding service with a few limits (number and frequency of inquiries), therefore it is recommended to use non-free third-party services for production application that works under Nominatim proto or to deploy this system on your own equipment.

Especially we will note that direct geocoding works only with addresses which are written down in ascending order, i.e. the address:

    9 Stirling Rd London
    9, Stirling Rd, London
    9 Stirling Rd London

will be found correctly, and the address

    London Stirling Rd 9

won’t be found.

API configuration options

More detail about API configuration you can see at the API installation instruction..

Tracking server configuration options

If you add the osmUrl option to the configuration file then you can redefine the API address uses by the server for reverse geoсoding. Default value is:


And add the following string to conf file:


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