Adding APN settings

When user activating a new GPS tracker, he might see the message ‘The APN settings not found, please specify it manually’. It occurs when there is no APN settings defined for the phone number range in the database.

To let user don’t care about the APN settings, it’s recommended to add them into the database. The system will check whether the phone number entered is within the particular range and apply APN settings automatically.

To add the new phone number list with APN settings you need to:

  • Add the record for the new Operator into the ‘operators’ table. You have to specify the following fields:
    • name, brand – legal name of mobile network operator and its ‘brand’
    • gprs_apn, gprs_username, gprs_password – GPRS APN settings for current operator.The incremental identifier (operator_id) for the new record will be added automatically.
  • Add phone number ranges and bind to the operator – into ‘codes’ table:
    • operator – corresponds to operator_id from operators table.
    • region – reserved, set it to 0
    • def, start, end – the ‘prefix’ for the range, the beginning and the end of the range. Please do not specify ‘+’ sign or ’00’ in the prefix.

Example: with def = 7962, start = 1220000, end = 1300000 the following range of numbers will correspond to the record 79621220000 to 79621300000

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