Installing from a DEB package

We have made a deb package for wide distributed GNU\Linux distro Debian and Ubuntu!

Installing Navixy server

  • ssh into the server

    $ ssh user@server
  • Gain sudo access by entering the command

    $ sudo su -

To install Navixy server(for example enterprise edition) from a deb package do the following steps:

  • Update packages of your repos:
    # apt-get update
  • And install Navixy server:
    # dpkg -i navixy-standalone-enterprise-1.0-1.deb
  • If you get an error about dependencies please do the following to solve it:
    # apt-get -f install
  • And try again to run the installation process:
    # dpkg -i navixy-standalone-enterprise-1.0-1.deb

Configuring and reconfiguring Navixy server

During the installation process some scripts are being run. That is why you will be asked to set some options and parameters used in config files.

    • The first question is about MySQL password:
    • Please repeat the password:
    • If you use blank MySQL root password you’ll be asked about it:
    • Next, enter public IP address of the server:

This ip address will be used in sms commands during the process of trackers connection to server. Trackers will be sending information exactly to this address.

    • On the next step the system will ask you to enter your domain to use with Navixy server. GPS system will use three names reserved for monitoring, panel and api: my.domain.tld, panel.domain.tld, api.domain.tld

If you use your local (national) domain format, please convert it into punycode.

    • Now please select a sms gateway that will be used with Navixy to send messages(like settings to trackers, notifications to you about events etc). Possible presets are : Navixy, SMSTraffic, Nexmo, Twilio, any sms gate works through smpp protocol. You can also select a ‘No SMS gate’ option in case you do not plan to use sms for your service, or plan to set it up later.
    • Select you mail provider. It is possible to use presets for gmail, yandex mail services. You can also use your own mail server or do not use any in case you don’t need to deliver messages:

Please be advised that you have to specify a user and its password that used to send mails(aka login and password).

  • For correct work you need to add a fingerprint:

If fingerprint is added yet leave this field blank and it won’t be replaced.

  • Start the services:
    # sv u api-server
    # sv u navixyserver
    # sv u sms-server
  • Similar to install the package you can make reconfigure the package and change all or some settings. For this please type in a terminal
    # dpkg --reconfigure navixy

    During the reconfiguration process, please answer to all the questions. All the previously entered values are stored and don’t need to be entered again unless don’t want to change them. This rule does not apply to passwords. Passwords always need to be entered.

Navixy package removal from the server

To remove the package please type the following

# dpkg --remove navixy

In case you want to purge all data, please enter into terminal the command below:

# dpkg --purge navixy

You will be asked to confirm the removal of databases and user. Please be advised that in case you confirm the removal, all data will be completely deleted with no opportunity to restore it.

Notes about using SMS gates Nexmo and Twilio

For processing incoming short messages you need to specify callback URL to provider.
For Twilio you can add URL using web interface and for Nexmo it is possible to add only using API. For more info about Nexmo see at this page
Regarding to use Twilio API to set up callback URL see at page or just add directly through web-interface when you logged in.

Notes about mail providers

Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, AOL do not permit to send mails using SMTP protocols. By default it is permitted to send mails only using web interface. You should log in to web interface and permit use SMTP to send emails. This actions are differ from one provider to another. You can find solutions at corresponding site in support articles.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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