Admin panel

The control panel is a set of static files (html, js, …). To work with control panel any interpreters aren’t required (php or another).

How to install control panel

Copy all files from dist/panel-v2 directory to destination directory that used by Nginx for serving virtual host

# cp -a dist/panel-v2/* /var/www/

At the first installation you are to rename /var/www/nginx/ into panel-v2/PConfig.js and edit it:

 # cp /var/www/nginx/{example.js,js}
Config = {

    // Profiles of API templates
    apiProfiles: {
        // Java-API settings
        japi: {
            apiRoot: '',
            apiUrlTpl: ['{apiRoot}/{handler}/{action}']

    // External links templates
    links: {
    // A link to 'automated' authorization in UI with transferring a hash through GET.
        monUrlTpl: ['http://{company_url}/pro/demo/?session_key={hash}']
    // An address to connecting to a terminal web socket for devices
    terminalHost: 'ws://',
    //Default domain name. It is used in definition of available cards and another paas settings.
    paas_domain: '',


All you need is to replace url with your own domain.
You shouldn’t edit anything else. Note that paas_domain:” is an empty string (not a space).

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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