User web interface

The monitoring interface is a set of static files (html, js, …). To work with graphical user interface any interpreters aren’t required (php or any others). Copy all files from dist/pro-ui directory to destination directory that used by nginx for virtual host

# cp -a dist/pro-ui/* /var/www/

User interface configuration

At the first installation you are to rename pro-ui/Config.example.js into pro-ui/Config.js and edit it:

# cp /var/www/nginx/{example.js,js}

Example of contents of the file Config.js

Config = {
    apiProfiles: {
        japi: {
            apiRoot: '', //can be array e.g [','']
            apiUrlTpl: ['{apiRoot}/{handler}/{action}']
    platform_constants: {
        income_sms_gate_number: '+99999999'

    //If it is true, it will be impossible to register from the page of authorization.
    //It is recommended to specify registrationDisabled=true for enterprise version and registrationDisabled=false for provider version.
    registrationDisabled: true,
    // ↓ Service config - do not touch ↓
    mapApi: 'leaflet',
    //↓ Redirection from panel
    appRedirect: {
        authProperty: 'session_key',
        appPage: '.',
        loginPage: '../login'

    cookies: {
        key: {
            _default: 'session_key',
            external: 'hash'
        service: 'dService'

    //↓Login redirection
    urls: {
        login_target: '../pro',
        auth: 'login',
        recover: 'login/recover',
        activate: 'login/activate',
        services: {
            pro: {
                external: false,
                background: 'monitoring-new.jpg'
            new_mobile: {
                external: false,
                background: 'monitoring-new.jpg',
                url: '../pro/applications/tablet'


To start work it is enough to change parameters:

  • apiRoot – line or an array of lines with the API URL(s)

Additional parameters:

  • income_sms_gate_number – master phone (important: this parameter doesn’t influence on the master phone in API, this parameter is just for display)

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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