SMS server how-to

SMS server is intended for sending, receiving and processing SMS via SMPP protocol and/or through SMS Traffic gateway. It makes possible to handle SMS commands from users (gde, on, off etc, if provider has got service “number for incoming messages”), and also SMS mass-mailing notifications and SMS commands to management GPS trackers.

The server is not required to be installed and to be configured, if its functionality isn’t required. Note, that if there are no configured SMS server, SMS notifications about events and automated activation of gps trackers with SMS commands are inaccessible.

Installing SMS server under Windows

  1. Move directory sms-server from the distributed directory, for example to c:\sms-server
  2. To install the application as service, run installService.bat with administrative rights
  3. Now you can manage the server using startService.bat and stopService.bat. There are another way using standard system tool of service management. Also with the help of trayIcon.cmd an icon in system tray will be appeared and it will showing status of the application and permit to manage it.
  4. If necessary to remove the service or to move the application to another directory, it can be removed using uninstallService.bat

Installing SMS server under Unix

To install service under Unix do steps in instructions on page

Full SMPP gateway configuration:

"addresses": null, //obligatory parameter, the array of addresses in format <IP>:<port> ['']
"login": null, //obligatory parameter
"password": null, //obligatory parameter, 8 symbols maximum
"default_charset": "GSM8", // possible values: GSM8, GSM7 (packed to 7bit GSM8), ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15
"source_ton": -1, // -1 auto: if number of a sender is alphanumeric, these parameters alnum_ton/alnum_npi will be used for parameters source_ton/source_npi, if digital for num_ton/num_npi
"source_npi": 1, 
"dest_ton": 1, 
"dest_npi": 1, 
"alnum_ton": 5, 
"alnum_npi": 0, 
"num_ton": 1, 
"num_npi": 1, 
"override_originator": null, //used if it is necessary to set the sender hardy for this gateway
"long_sms_transmit_method": "udh", //udh or payload
"interface_version": null, //v33 or v34, null - auto detection
"default_coding": 0, 
"binary_coding": 4, 
"unicode_coding": 8, 
"null_padded_octet_strings": false, //explicity adding null to short_message octet string
"connect_timeout": 10000, //optional, ms 
"bind_timeout": 10000, //optional, ms 
"request_expiry_timeout": 15000, //optional, should be more than submit_timeout, ms
'enquire_link_timeout": 3000, //optional, ms
"enquire_link_interval": 15000, //optional, ms
"submit_timeout": 10000, //optional, should be less than request_expiry_timeout, ms
"reconnect_wait": 15000, //optional, ms
"log_pdu": false, //optional
"log_bytes": false, //optional
"window_size": 10, //optional
"system_type": null, //optional
"registered_delivery_receipt_request": true //optional

Requirements for working with SMS Traffic provider

You must have login and password to sending and getting incoming messages via SMS Traffic provider. Full configuration of SMS Traffic gateway:

"login": "<login>", //obligatory
"password":"<password>", //obligatory
"urls": ["", ""], //obligatory
"socket_timeout": 20000, //obligatory, ms
"query_interval": 10000, //optional, ms
"override_originator": null //optional, it is used if it is needed to set sender hardy

SMS server configuration

  1. Open file sms-server/conf/settings in a text editor you prefer
  2. Edit connection parameters:
     #db settings
     dbConnectionString=jdbc:mysql://<IP or DNS-name where MySQL works>/google?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8
  3. Edit access requisites to Navixy API<IP-address of API hostа>
     mq.password=<password set in configuration of API server mq.password>
  4. Set default sender number
     defaultMasterPhone=<default phone number, in the international format without '+', for example 79991234567>
  5. (optional) Set the default sender for notifications
     defaultNotificationOriginator=<the sender is used for SMS notifications by default>
  6. (optional) Edit keys for geocoders:
    googleKey=<key has been received from Google to access to its geocoder> 
    googleID=<id has been received from google to access to its geocoder=""> 
    yandexKey=<key has been received from Yandex to access to its geocoder>
  7. Open file sms-server/conf/mailprops.txt in text editor you prefer and edit mail settings:
    mail.user = <smtp username > 
    mail.password = <smtp password> = <smtp server address> = <pop3 server address> = <imap server address>
    mail.smtp.auth = true 
    mail.pop3.auth = true
    mail.imap.auth = true 
    mail.transport.protocol = smtp = imap

Configuring gateways

  1. Configuring SMS gateways uses tables in database google: sms_gates и sms_gates_to_dealers. For this purpose it is necessary to add sms_gates entry with a gateway configuration to the table sms_gates:
    id - unique autoincremental identifier
    type - gateway type: transmitter - if SMS only sending, receiver -if SMS only receiving, transceiver - if sms both of sending and receiving
    provider - provider of services either smpp or smstraffic
    params - gateway parameters in JSON 
    enabled - digit 0 means that the gateway is off, 1 means the gateway is on
    class_filter - filter for sending SMS: command - the gateway is used only for sending commands to trackers, notification - only for sending notifications, * - for both types of SMS
  2. Example of transceiver configuration for SMS Traffic provider:
    INSERT INTO `sms_gates` (`type`, `provider`, `params`, `enabled`, `class_filter`) VALUES 
      ('transceiver', 'smstraffic', '{"login":"<login>", "password":"<password>", "urls":[""]}', 1, '*')
  3. Example of SMPP transmitter configuration:
    INSERT INTO `sms_gates` (`type`, `provider`, `params`, `enabled`, `class_filter`) VALUES 
        ('transmitter', 'smpp', '{"addresses": ["<IP>:<port>"],"login": "<login>","password": "<password>", "source_ton": 5,"source_npi": 0, "dest_ton": 1, "dest_npi": 0, "override_originator": "navixy"}', 1, '*');
  4. Example of Navixy SMS centre (shown only ‘params’ in sms_gates table):
    "login": "<login>",
    "service_id": "<Service ID>", 
    "service_pass": "<Service Pass>",
    "from": "<SMS from number>",

    Where login and password are the same data that you use to logon to our system. To getting login,password, service_id, service_pass please contact your manager.
    Field ‘provider’ must be specify as ‘navixy’
    and comumn ‘type’ has got value ‘transmitter’

  5. Further, in table sms_gates_to_dealers bind the gateway to dealer:
    id - unique autoincremental identifier
    dealer_id - dealer's identifier or 0 that corresponds to any
    gate_id- the gateway identifier from the table sms_gates


    INSERT INTO `sms_gates_to_dealers` (`dealer_id`, `gate_id`) VALUES (0, 1);

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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