SMS traffic is a Russian well-known telecommunication company. It works best for Russia and Kazakhstan.

provider: smstraffic
type: transceiver
"login": &ltlogin&gt,
"urls": &ltarray of URLs&gt,
"override_originator": null

In details:

  • login – login to SMSTraffic
  • password – its password
  • urls – array of URLs, like this [“”, “”]
  • override_originator – allows to replace phone number in ‘from’ field, null means no override

As an example it is provided with SQL request to add gateway:

INSERT INTO `google`.`sms_gates` (`type`, `provider`, `params`, `enabled`, `class_filter`) VALUES ('transceiver', 'smstraffic', '{"login":"$LOGIN", "password":"$PASSWD","urls": [""]}', 1, '*');

In the request above it is just enough to replace $LOGIN and $PASSWD with your own.
And another SQL request is required to enable sms gate:

UPDATE `google`.`dealers` SET `master_phone` = "$SMS_FROM",`from_sms`="$SMS_FROM" WHERE dealer_id=1;

In bash scripts you should escape all backticks, like this

INSERT INTO \`google\`.\`sms_gates\` (\`type\`, \`provider\`, \`params\`, \`enabled\` ...

Inbound messages

SMSTraffic gateway can process inbound messages without any additional settings.

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