Configuration wizard

Configuration wizard can be used to configure Navixy platform or change some common settings.
Please note that configuration wizard is aimed at singe-server installations, where application, database, and web server are hosted on a single server. If you have a more complex setup with multiple servers, you can use various configuration guides on this site for specific task, or contact technical support.

Configuration wizard is using "dialog" package which is available in most Linux distributions. On Debian 8 it is installed during Navixy installation.

To start configuration wizard, navigate to your Navixy package folder and start ./

You will be greeted with the main menu:

Configuration wizard

Below is the explanation of each menu and sub-menu:

  1. Change domain names

    Configure domain names and SSL certificate
    More information on domains
    More information on SSL requirements
  1. Configure SMS gateway

    Choose one of the supported SMS gateways and configure their parameters
    More information on SMS gate requirements
  2. Configure FROM name and phone number
    Configure phone number for service SMS and sender name for notification SMS
    1. Configure feedback email
      Configure email recipient for feedback messages sent from the user interface

NOTE: Main email gateway settings are configured from the admin panel
More information on email gateway

  1. Change or setup Google API keys

    Configure Google API keys
    More information on API keys
  1. Change license key

    Set another license key
    If you loose the license key, you can request the new one from tech support
  2. Request trial key
    Automatically receive and install trial license key which is valid for 1 month
  1. Activation code settings
    Allows you to make activation code for device registration optional or mandatory
  2. Custom logo settings

    Set custom logo for a specific user
    The logo will be applied to the interface and to the reports
    Images are resized automatically, but recommended size is no more than 400x400 pixels
  3. Help section settings
    Allows you to hide or show help section in the user interface
  1. Enable file storage

    Used to store file and image attachments to the task forms
    Default location is set to /home/java/api-server/files
  2. Disable file storage
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