What is the version of my Navixy instance

Navixy platform version can be found in the system files, in the directories of the backend services. If the platform has been installed and updated according to the instructions, you can open the directory of any Java-service and find there a file named VERSION. Examples:


This is a plain text file that you can read with any text editor.

Inside it you will find a couple of lines of technical information and at the end there will be a line like this:


  • navixy-standalone - specific build type for On-premise solution;
  • provider/enterprise - delivery model (explained at this page);
  • 2023 - release year;
  • 02 - major build version, usually (but not always) corresponds to a release month;
  • 166 - minor build version, numbered consecutively.

Major versions of the platform are released every 2-3 months and contain significant innovations and new features.

Minor versions can be released several times a month and contain minor improvements and fixes that do not require significant changes to the platform code.

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