SaaS, On-Premise and Cloud difference

Our partners often have questions about a difference between SaaS platform running on Navixy servers, On-premise solution installed on client servers and Cloud solution deployed on AWS. Despite the fact that in all cases we are talking about the same Navixy platform, which has the same basic features, there are some differences, mainly due to hosting and administration of the platform.

In the table below we describe the main differences.

Trial period14 daysНет14 days
Platform versionAlways up to dateVersion installed by Partner. Innovations in new versions appear later than on the SaaS platform.
UpdatesNot required
  • Installed by Partner
  • Provided on demand
  • Available upon the release of a new build
HostingOn Navixy serversAt Partner's data centerOn AWS servers
Platform installationNot required - the platform is available immediatelyPerformed by PartnerPerformed automatically upon launching the trial version
SSL encryption
  • Free LetsEncrypt certificate - issued and updated by Navixy
  • Partner's own certificate - installed by Navixy
Partner's own certificate - installed by Partner
  • Partner's own certificate - installed by Partner
  • Free LetsEncrypt certificate - installed via the platform configurator.
Data security and protection
  • Managed by Navixy
  • AWS security infrastructure
Managed by Partner
  • Managed by Partner
  • AWS security infrastructure
Server maintenance and system administrationPerformed by Navixy DevOps teamPerformed by Partner
High availability and backupsPerformed by Navixy DevOps teamManaged by Partner
Performance and scalabilityAlways the best performance
  • Monitoring and maintenance performed by Partner
  • System resources extended by Partner
Troubleshooting and supportThe Navixy team solves internal platform problems with the least amount of communication. We solve most problems without customers even noticing them
  • Technical support is provided on a consultative basis. We do not connect to the servers directly, but we can request logs and configuration files for further analysis.
  • All problems with hardware and third-party software are resolved by Partner.
Platform configurationPerformed by Navixy teamPerformed by Partner with a consultative help of Navixy team
SMS gateways, third-party applications, map layers
  • Partner provides credentials
  • Navixy team activates the functionality on the platform
  • Partner activates functionality by applying credentials to a database
  • Navixy team provides instructions and consultative assistance
Video telematicsWorks via media servers within Navixy infrastructureNot available
Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
Review incidents
Determine liability
Coach drivers
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