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Like any information system, Navixy platform must be password protected to avoid unauthorized access and data loss. In the case of On-Premise servers, you must also take care of protecting the server infrastructure, which also implies setting passwords.

Below we gathered the most common questions regarding passwords that arise when working with the On-premise version of Navixy platform.

Can I give my login credentials to Navixy tech support?

Yes. Some tasks, including platform troubleshooting, may require direct access to the server. However, this is exceptional. In most cases, access to an admin panel or user account is enough.

Is this safe?

Yes. The tech support staff undertakes not to share any credentials with third parties. However, when providing credentials, it's recommended not to send them in clear text by email in order to avoid compromise; it's better to put them in cloud storage and provide a temporary link.

What credentials does tech support require?

Typically, troubleshooting may require:

  • Credentials for access to the admin panel.
  • User credentials.

However, in exceptional cases, for example, to diagnose backend services or to make changes to the database, we may need:

  • Login/password or private key to access the server (depending on the type of authorization).
  • Password for the database.
  • VPN credentials (if needed to connect to the server).

Navixy staff never asks for passwords from your email and other services not related to the platform.

What is the password to my server?

Only you and your team, as the owners of the service infrastructure, know the passwords. You may have previously provided Navixy tech support with your credentials, but we take no obligation to store them.

Does tech support know the password to the admin panel?

Technical support can only know the password if you have previously provided it and have not changed it since then. Even if the technical support staff has access to your server and database, they will not know the password because it is stored in encrypted form.

I have lost my admin panel password. How do I recover it?

Unfortunately, the admin panel password reset feature on On-Premise instances is not provided as a part of the interface.

If the password was lost, refer to password reset guide. You can also contact technical support. Direct access to your server is required to reset the password.

Is two-factor authentication available?

No. This feature has not been developed, but it is expected in the future.

Is domain authentication available?

No. Navixy platform has no integration with any domain infrastructures (such as Active Directory). Authentication is done locally on the server.

Can I change a technician account password?

No. The technician account has limited privileges and cannot change the password. If you need to change or reset the technician password, contact technical support.

What are the requirements for passwords on the platform?

The only requirement is that the password is at least 6 characters long. The platform has no requirements for password complexity and frequency of password change. When assigning passwords, be guided by your organization's security requirements.

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