How to update my Navixy instance

Like any software, the Navixy platform is constantly evolving, getting new features as well as improvements and fixes to existing functionality.

When you are using servermate (SaaS) version of Navixy platform, all innovations are available immediately upon release, and no action on your part is required to start making use of them. However, things are different for the On-premise version of the platform. Since in this case the platform is hosted on the client server, it is technically impossible to implement the delivery of all the innovations at the time of release. Instead, you have the option to obtain and install the new platform distribution package released specifically for deployment on your premises.

Distribution packages are released at different frequencies:

  • Major builds are released every 2-3 months and contain significant innovations and new functionality.
  • Minor versions can be released several times a month and contain improvements and fixes to existing functionality.

The functionality of the On-premise version of the platform is always a bit "late" compared to the Servermate version, due to the reasons mentioned above. If you find out that there are some innovations on the platform that you are interested in, you need to ask your account manager or tech support when these changes will appear in the new On-premise build. The update is not instant, as it takes time for developers to make a new distribution package for On-premise installation. In most cases, this happens within a month.

Do I need to update the platform?

The first thing to do is to find out whether you really need an update. The most common reasons for the update are as follows:

  • Your version of the platform lacks the functionality that you need, which is already available in the Servermate version of the platform.
  • Your version has technical problems, and after communicating with technical support you found out that in the new build everything is fixed.
  • Your platform is out of date. Check the version of the platform, and if it was released several months ago or even in the previous year, it needs to be updated.

There is no need to update to every new build if you are completely satisfied with the current functionality. Make your decision based on the above factors.

Provision of a platform build to perform the update is included in standard technical support package and is available only for On-premise instances with an active subscription. For instances without an active support package, as well as for those with an overdue payment, the distribution package is not provided.

How do I begin?

So, you've figured out that you need to perform an upgrade. To do this, you will need the latest distribution package of the platform. Contact technical support with this question and you will be provided with a link to download a fresh build.

If you are performing the update for the first time and are unsure of your success, inform the support engineer who provided the build and coordinate the time at which you plan to perform the update. This way the engineer will be ready to provide emergency help if something goes wrong. Support engineers do not connect to client servers during the upgrade process, but are ready to provide any necessary advice.

How do I perform an update?

Upload the received distribution package of the platform to your server. If the platform uses two servers, upload the package to both.

Next, you need to carefully follow the update instructions given on our website. Choose the instructions depending on your operating system:

Since the update involves making changes to the database, replacing system files and then restarting services, users may have problems accessing the platform during that time. If the platform was previously updated a long time ago, the update may take a while. It is recommended to warn users in advance about the planned update, as well as to perform the update at the time of the least user activity (for example, at night or on weekends).

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