How to restart the platform

While using the Navixy platform, you may encounter situations where you need to restart it. This is usually necessary in the following cases:

  • During troubleshooting.
  • After configuration changes
  • To recheck the license (if access was previously suspended for non-payment)

To solve the above tasks it is generally sufficient to restart the platform backend. It consists of three Java services named api-server, sms-server and tcp-server. You can find details about these services on this page.

Here we describe the restart process depending on the operating system.

To restart Navixy platform on Linux, just run the following command:


This command executes a script to restart the backend services. It is integrated into the OS during the platform deployment. Everything will be done automatically, you just need to wait.

If Navixy platform is installed on Windows, the platform backend services work as regular Windows NT services.

Open the services.msc snap-in and you will find three Navixy services in the list:

  • Navixy api-server
  • Navixy sms-server
  • Navixy tcp-server

Restart any required service, or all of them one by one.

How to restart the platform

Services do not start immediately, the restart normally takes 60-90 seconds. It is recommended to check the platform operation only after this time.

We have covered the basic steps to restart the platform. For more in-depth diagnostics and troubleshooting, refer to the corresponding page.

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