Add SVG files as a map layer

Our platform allows you to add SBG files as a map layer. This is very useful for having outlines of hard to access areas like mines or construction sites.

There are 3 parameters this application can have:

  • Name of the App - %name
  • External link to it - %link_to_the_layer
  • Coordinates of any opposing corners %lat1, %lng1, %lat2, %lng2

Note: if you are using HTTPS connection, the link to the app must be HTTPS as well. Otherwise you will encounter a mixed content error.

Once you have that data ready you just need to add a line to your MySQL DB
Layers can be added for the whole dealer account or only for certain users

INSERT INTO google.plugins2dealers (dealer_id, plugin_id, parameters) VALUES (1, 83, '{"layers":[{ "name": "%name","url":"%link_to_the_layer","bounds":[{"lat":%lat1,"lng":%lng1},{"lat":%lat2,"lng":%lng2}]}]}');

Parameters you should change are highlighted in bold

INSERT INTO google.plugins2users (user_id, plugin_id, parameters) VALUES (%user_id, 83, '{"layers":[{ "name": "%name","url":"%link_to_the_layer","bounds":[{"lat":%lat1,"lng":%lng1},{"lat":%lat2,"lng":%lng2}]}]}');
In this case, a new parameter is added - %user_id
Please substitute it with the ID of the user that should have this application
If you need to add the layer to several users, each user will require their own request.

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