There is another way to communicate with your SMS provider for sending and receiving messages. It can be done with SMPP. In this case HTTP API is not used. SMPP may be used if provider doesn't have HTTP API.
Full JSON config will look as follows:

"addresses": null, //mandatory, array of server addresses, [""]
"login": null, //mandatory, systemId
"password": null, // mandatory, max 8 chars
"default_charset": "GSM8", // possible values: GSM8, GSM7 (packed to 7bit GSM8), ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, UTF-8
"source_ton": -1, // -1 means auto, if sourceAddress is alphanumeric alnum_ton/alnum_npi will be used as source_ton/source_npi otherwise num_ton/num_npi
"source_npi": 1,
"dest_ton": 1,
"dest_npi": 1,
"alnum_ton": 5,
"alnum_npi": 0,
"num_ton": 1,
"num_npi": 1,
"override_originator": null, //null means no override
"long_sms_transmit_method": "udh", //udh or payload
"interface_version": null, //v33 or v34, null means auto negotiation
"default_coding": 0,
"binary_coding": 4,
"unicode_coding": 8,
"null_padded_octet_strings": false, //explicitly add null to short_message octet string
"connect_timeout": 10000,
"bind_timeout": 10000,
"request_expiry_timeout": 15000, //MUST be greater than submit_timeout because we use sync submit for now
"enquire_link_timeout": 3000,
"enquire_link_interval": 15000,
"submit_timeout": 10000, //MUST be less than request_expiry_timeout because we use sync submit for now
"reconnect_wait": 15000,
"log_pdu": false,
"log_bytes": false,
"window_size": 10,
"system_type": null,
"registered_delivery_receipt_request": true,
"support_binary": true
provider: smpp
type: transceiver

To set up Navixy you should have all the necessary data, such as password and so on. All these data can be asked from your sms provider. Take a look into the comments (indicated by two slashes //), it may be really helpfull.
Hope everything that has been written above is clear and SMPP will be an easy thing to deal with.

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