MQTT setup for On-Premise

MQTT devices are becoming more popular and Navixy SaaS is a neat solution for that.

However, depending on your local laws or company requirements you might need to be able to host your data locally, on the server that is fully under your control.

In this case our standalone version would be a perfect solution for you. You can have the latest version of our powerful platform running locally (On-Premise) or using Cloud platforms of your choice: Azure, AWS or GCP. 

MQTT functionality is available by default on all the recent versions of Navixy Cloud and On-premise.

No special setup is needed, our implementation of MQTT is included in the distributive by default and will be deployed automatically. 

Below you can find several examples for MQTT device configuration:

Steps for adding the device on the platform are the same as for Navixy SaaS. Device setup, however, will be different. Below you can find setup guides for On-premise.

Xirgo & BCE MQTT device configuration

To configure Xirgo & BCE devices to work via MQTT:

  1. Log into BCE configuration manager FMSET
  2. Choose Connectivity → Telemetry server → MQTT broker address settings and specify:
    • your host for UI:
    • port 1883
  3. Add the default user in MQTT Security -> Authorization
    • Client ID - %IMEI%
    • Username - bce_device
    • Password - secretword
  4. Check that your topic configuration is correct:
    • All topics except for Output control topic name are set to default values.
    • Output control topic name must be set to %IMEI%/OUTC
  5. Save your configuration
MQTT setup for On-Premise
MQTT device activation
MQTT device activation

Globalmatix MQTT device configuration

To configure the Globalmatix device to work via MQTT:

  • Specify your host for UI:
  • Port 1883
  • User: globalmatix_device
  • Password: secretword
  • Topic: globalmatix/in
MQTT setup for On-Premise

If you have any questions regarding device setup, please contact our support team at 

Deployments or system updates can be requested directly from your Navixy account manager.

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