Rebrand individual user accounts

As you probably know, admin panel allow you to choose custom logo which will be applied for every user on the platform. But, you can also set the logo for each user individually by modifying the database. First of all, the picture must be hosted on a web-server and have a URL. Then, you simply need to create a row in the database as follows:

INSERT INTO google.plugins2users (user_id,plugin_id,parameters) VALUES (<user_id>,71,'{"logo_url":"<logo_url>", "document_logo_url":"<logo_url>"}');

Substitute <user_id> and <logo_url> with your values.

Host the image on the same web server as Navixy

You can host the logo and other images on the same web server as Navixy as follows:

  1. Place all your images in PNG or JPG format under "/var/www/images" folder
  2. Add into nginx config, in the block responsible for user interface, the following location:
    location ~ images/\w*\.(png|jpg) {
    root /var/www/;
  3. Add the plugin to the database with the following query. Substitute user_id, your_domain and http(s) according to your settings:
    INSERT INTO google.plugins2users (user_id, plugin_id, parameters) VALUES (<user_id>,71,'{"logo_url":"http(s)://<your_domain>/images/<image_file_name>","document_logo_url":"http(s)://<your_domain>/images/<image_file_name>"}');
  4. Restart the web server
    nginx -t && nginx -s reload
  5. Wait for approximately 15 minutes to allow the platfrom to refresh the settings
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