How to add a custom app

Our platform allows you to embed your custom web application to Navixy main application interface. it will appear as a special item of the main menu, which opens specified external URL address as an internal interface application.

There are 3 parameters this application can have:

  • Name of the App - %name
  • External link to it - %link_to_the_app

Note: if you are using HTTPS connection, the link to the app must be HTTPS as well. Otherwise you will encounter a mixed content error.

Once you have that data ready you just need to add a line to your MySQL DB
Applications can be added for the whole dealer account or only for certain users

How to add a custom app

INSERT INTO google.plugins2dealers (dealer_id, plugin_id, parameters) VALUES (1, 52, '[{"name": "%name","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app"}]') ;

Parameters you should change are highlighted in bold

INSERT INTO google.plugins2users (user_id, plugin_id, parameters) VALUES (%user_id, 52, '[{"name": "%name","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app"}]');
In this case, a new parameter is added - %user_id
Please substitute it with the ID of the user that should have this application
If you need to add the application to several users, each user will require their own request.

If you have specified everything correctly, Applications should appear in the menu

How to edit a custom app


To make changes to the application, you must use the UPDATE command.

UPDATE google.plugins2dealers SET parameters = '[{"name": "%name","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app"}]' WHERE plugin_id = 52 and dealer_id = 1;

Parameters that can be changed are highlighted in bold

UPDATE google.plugins2dealers SET parameters = '[{"name": "%name","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app"}]' WHERE plugin_id = 52 and user_id = %user_id;

Substitute %user_id with the ID of the user that has the application

Note: you can add or change several applications at the same time.
To do this, type them in parameters[] separated by commas:

[{"name": "%name","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app"}, {"name": "%name_2","app_page_url": "%link_to_the_app_2"}, {...}]

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