Device status timeouts

Devices have specific statuses to show their current condition, and these statuses change when a certain amount of time elapses.

  • If data is constantly being received from a device and contains valid coordinates, it has an • Online status.
  • If there is no valid location data for more than five minutes, the device switches to • GPS Not Updated status.
  • If there are no data packets for more than 10 minutes, the device changes its status to • Offline.

Timeouts adjustment

For On-Premise instances, these timeouts can be adjusted if necessary. To do this, you need to make changes in the tcp-server configuration.

  • /home/java/tcp-server/conf/ (Linux)
  • C:\java\tcp-server\conf\ (Windows)

Open this file for editing and add the following lines:


In the above example, the timeouts are 10 minutes for GPS not updated and 15 minutes for Offline. You can specify any values that you need, but be sure to specify the first timeout less than the second one. Also note that the letter m (meaning minutes) after the value is mandatory.

After the values are specified, save the file and restart tcp-server to apply the changes.

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