Transferring users

The first step is migrating users from Wialon to Navixy. Thanks to this procedure, you will reduce the time to register all users from your previous system.

  1. Register on the Navixy platform and get access to the admin panel.
  2. On the Wialon CMS system, open the folder with users.
users in CMS
  1. Click the .xlsx button in the lower right corner to upload users.
cms users xlsx button

It will allow you to download exclusively the list of usernames, so that you do not forget anyone when migrating.

  1. In the Navixy admin panel, select Users and click Import Users.
import users panel
  1. Select a template to load an example file with the required fields.
file-example users download
  1. Fill out this file according to your list of users. Required fields: email address, password, status (1 - active, 0 - inactive). All other fields are optional.

The import of users is complete. All users are in the Navixy system.

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