Transferring geofences

Geofences can easily be moved to the Navixy platform, allowing all necessary information about them to be sent while making the migration process for your customers almost seamless.

The following instructions explain how to transfer geofences to your users:

  1. Open user account in Wialon and click on the username in the upper right corner:
username wialon
  1. Select Export to KML/KMZ
export kml/kmz
  1. Select all required geofences to transfer and press OK.
choose geofences
  1. Open a user account in Navixy admin panel.
login as user
  1. And activate geofences section here.

After pointing the cursor over the geofence import, two import options will be displayed. Choose import geofences from a KML file:

import from KML
  1. Add the exported file and specify the default radius for circle geofences.

For polygon geofences, the import will be done exactly as in the Wialon system. For circle geofences, the centers with radiuses specified in the previous step will be transferred. After that, you might need to change the radius of geofences manually. Place the cursor on the required geofence and press the pencil button that appears.

edit geofence

User geofences are transferred and can be used for rules and analytics.

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