Devices bulk activation

If you want to register hundreds or thousands of devices on the Navixy platform, you can do it via bulk activation instead of registering devices one by one. All that you need is to share CSV Excel file, which will contain all needed information.

Please make sure that file meets following criteria:

  1. Bulk activation is available for more than 50 devices
  2. Column names and their sequence should be as follows:
    model    label    device_id    phone    apn_name    apn_user    apn_password
  3. Each file should contain devices only for one user.
    Please note that if there will be only one file, all devices will be added to one user.
  4. If you want to activate devices for more than 1 user, you should share several files which are filled according to the points 2 and 3. Each file should contain more than 10 devices. Support team does not make any changes in shared files

Also, you can use our file example for your convenience

We are always happy to receive your requests via [email protected]

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