In ‘Trackers’ menu you can view, edit, and manage User devices:

  • View the list of connected devices
  • Move devices between users
  • Create clones
  • Rename and delete devices
  • Change the tariff plan or suspend the service
  • Remotely diagnose and manage devices on a low technical level using GPRS air console

Please note: Device operation mode (i.e. connected sensors, rules for notifications, data retranslation, etc.) is configured in the web interface.

How can I remove trackers from the web interface?

If you need to remove a tracker from the web interface, please log in to your Admin Panel, select a tracker you would like to remove, click on ‘Edit tracker’ and check the box ‘Tracker deleted’.

The tracker will be removed from the web interface. However, it will be still available in your Admin Panel in case you would like to resume its service.

How can I delete trackers from the Admin Panel?

Log in to your Admin Panel >> select the tracker you need >> click on ‘Cancel registration’, and this tracker will be completely deleted from the system.

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