Tariff Plans

In this tab you are able to see all the tariff plans, edit them or create new ones. Billing gives you an opportunity to offer your end-users very flexible tariff plans that will make your service more attractive. The number of plans is unlimited.


  • Charging services
  • Automatic block of services with zero balance
  • Automatic renewal of services
  • List of transactions with all billing operations

Billing system implies advance method of payment: Only when there are money on user personal account all the services are provided.

Plan Settings

Tariff Plan is a set of commercial terms that define the structure of the service packages available to a user, and its prices. The tariff plan is assigned to each individual tracker, so a user may track assets with different tariff plans.
When a user creates account NAVIXY Server automatically creates test Demo tariff, which is recommended for use only during test period.

Here you have an opportunity to:

  1. Give a label to plan wich will be available in User Account.
  2. Set up bylling cycle: monthly, montly (daily debit), daily.
  3. Set up monthly fee and proportional charge.
  4. Set a plan as default for all the devices.
  5. Rate all the kinds of SMS and GPS traffic.Also you have a possibility to forbid using these functions.

Billing Cycles

The are four billing cycle types you can choose:

  • Monthly – the user is charged on the first day of the month at 00:05 UTC, or immediately after applying the tariff. If you set “proportional charge” checkbox, user is charged for the number of days left in the month, otherwise he will be charged for the full month. This is pre-paid plan, i.e. the user will be charged for the month ahead regardless if the device will be used or not.
  • Monthly (daily debit) – the user is charged each day at 00:05 UTC proportionally to the monthly fee. This is pre-paid plan, i.e. the user will be charged for the day head regardless if the device will be used or not.
  • Daily – the user is charged each day at 00:05 UTC. The difference from other plans is that this is post-paid plan – the user will be charged only if the tracker connected to the server at least once in the last 24 hours.
  • Annual – user is charged at the first day of the year at 00:05 UTC. This is pre-paid plan, i.e. the user will be charged for the year ahead regardless if the device will be used or not.

Plan Options

In this field you may set up all the features and GEO-services that will be available to trackers on the tariff plan:

  1. Maximum devices for the plan. If a user reaches the limit, he will not be able to add and track more assets. In case user has assets on different plans,the minimum value will be applied.
  2. Set up a period to store history. The system logs and store data within set time: one or several days, months, years.
  3. Select maps available for users who tracks assets on this plan.
  4. Select plan options. Mark the apps you need (Reports, Tasks, Fleet), different features and miscellaneous.

Plan Availability

Here you may set up a group the plan belongs to. By combining plans into groups you can organize your plans better and allow your users to switch the plans on their own. While you can assign any plan for any asset in the Admin panel, your users are able to switch the plans that are marked with appropriate checkbox.

If there are assets on different plans within same user account, some maps and options (which are not included into all plans) might become unavailable for that user. You can avoid such a collision by nesting similar plans into groups, thus making impossible for users to have devices on incompatible plans. We consider this is the only possible way to offer your flexible plans configuration and, at the same time, not giving your users the opportunity to cheat with your pricing.

Moreover you may allow or forbid your user to switch the devices on the plan by their own.

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