SSL certificate

SSL encryption is an established way to encrypt and protect web traffic between your customers and your server, eliminating the possibility that someone with malicious intent (typically a man in the middle) can intercept the web traffic and possibly get some sensitive information about your customers.

To use SSL encryption, you need to have a valid SSL certificate for your domain, signed by the trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

In addition to that, due to iOS security policy, our X-GPS Monitor for iOS app is required to use SSL encryption, otherwise it won't work.

SSL benefits

We highly recommend using SSL encryption for your domain:

  • If you work with government or just large clients - having encryption can be one of the requirements for working with their data.
  • Some browsers display a warning window when you click a link from a secure site to an unprotected one. It can scare your customers.
  • IOS app will not work without SSL encryption.
  • After enabling encryption, the protocol will change from http to https in the address bar and a lock icon will appear next to it, informing that the connection is secure.

Issuing a certificate

The easiest option is to write to our technical support ( We will issue a Letsencrypt certificate for you and set it up for automatic renewal. It's completely free and doesn't require anything from you other than consent.

If for some reason you don't trust Letsencrypt certificates, you can issue it yourself at any certification authority. In this case, we will need the certificate itself and the private key from you to install on the server from our side.

If you already have a wildcard certificate for your higher-level domain, you can also send it along with the private key.

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