SMS gateway

To use all the features of Navixy, we recommend that you connect your own SMS gateway. It will give you access to features like:

  • Automatic device activation
  • SMS notifications about important events for users
  • Configuring trackers that do not support GPRS commands
  • Manual location request when the tracker is offline

Types of SMS gateways

1. Popular international services:

2. Hardware VoIP devices. We support the Yeastar (formerly Neogate) devices, specifically the TG series.

3. Any service or device working over SMPP protocol. SMPP is widely used by different SMS services world-wide. If your preferred service support SMPP v3.4, then we can work with it.

Please note that SMS commands for Teltonika and Ruptela devices have a space symbols at the beginning. Many services ignore them and therefore automatic activation may not work. If you use trackers of these manufacturers, check with the support of the SMS service if they cut off space characters in front of messages.

Required credentials

To connect your preferred gateway, send the required credentials to [email protected]


  • IP address of the SMPP server
  • Port
  • Login (system id)
  • Password





Vonage (ex Nexmo)



  • URL
  • Login
  • Password


  • Login
  • Hash


  • API key

Also, for any gateway, you must provide a phone number and sender name (if supported).

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