Optional features

Optional features allow you to change settings for users that are associated with trackers. You can set up a link to the model information website and automatic activation commands sending.


Show a link to a website with information about the model

A user can be provided with additional information about the device model he activates. Contain specifications and description fields. You can find the next information about the model:

  • server IP address and port;
  • general information;
  • size;
  • connectivity;
  • interfaces;
  • hardware extras;
  • tracking features;
  • events monitoring and self-monitoring;
  • CAN/OBDII reading parameters;
  • information about the possible remote management.

Do not apply default settings during device activation

Automatic activation commands will overwrite your device settings, so it is very useful to limit their sending if you configure devices manually. Applies only to newly registered devices. Already activated devices will not be affected.

Do not enable this feature unless you manually configure devices. Otherwise, new trackers won't connect to the platform!

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