Navixy GPS-tracking platform technically supports any Web-mapping services. You may activate on the platform several of them and your users will be able to choose one on which all the information will be shown.

Available and custom web-mapping services

Web-mapping service is a server with software, which is based on the map database  (vector maps).

It forms rectangular bitmap segments (tiles) that are displayed on a user's screen.

Such services may be available or custom:

  • Available services - well-known Google Maps, Yandex, Double-GIS, Bing Maps, etc. A great number of customers use them all over the world. Such maps are kept and updated regularly by their providers. How to add such maps to your Navixy account.
  • Custom services - used only on your GPS-tracking platform, so they need a dedicated server. The server is housed in your company or in a local data center. You fill the database on your own and may add any specific information. Adding custom maps to your platform.

Legal access to map services

Please note that Navixy provides only technical possibility of using maps. Legal aspects should be regulated with copyright holders.

To have legal access to some of the most popular map services, Navixy offers "Premium-GIS" package. In other cases, if it is not mentioned, Navixy does not provide a license for using map services.

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