Navixy GIS Packages

GPS-tracking platform Navixy supports practically all and geographical information services (GIS). Integration with customer’s specific GIS can be added upon request.

To give you an access to the most popular geographical information services we offer two packages: “Basic GIS” and “Premium GIS”.

  • Basic GIS Package gives the possibility to use geocoding, route provider and LBS / cell-ID based on data from open-source and crowd-source.
  • Premium GIS Package gives you an access to paid data bases, services and maps. So, this package includes licensed Google Maps Services: all Google Maps (Google roadmap, Google satellite, Google hybrid), street view, forward geocoding (search location by name, address) and reverse geocoding (retrieve postal address or place name by known coordinates), route provider, traffic, distance matrix and other similar services. It goes without saying that such package helps you to provide top-quality GPS-tracking service and makes it more attractive to your clients. Moreover, this package allows you to use Google Maps in X-GPS mobile applications.

You may compare two Packages and choose one that fits you better.


for users

Basic GIS

Products: ServerMate

Premium GIS

Products: ServerMate, Cloud, On-Premise
Google Maps (license)-Yes
Other maps
GeocodingOSRM, ProgorodGoogle, OSRM, Progorod
LBS / Cell-IDMLSGoogle, MLS
Route providerOSRM, ProgorodGoogle, OSRM, Progorod
Street view-Available
TrafficProgorodGoogle, Progorod
Distance matrix-Available
X-GPS Tracker for AndroidAvailable (basic version)Available (full access)
X-GPS Monitor for AndroidAvailable (basic version)Yes (full version)
X-GPS Tracker for iOSYesYes
X-GPS Monitor for iOSYesYes
• Technical possibility only
– Not available

Please contact our team to activate chosen GIS Package.

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