GIS stands for geographic information services. Such services are widely used in all Navixy applications, providing a user with additional information,correct data and making work with the platform more convenient. For example, such services are:

  • Geocoding - a service that converts an address (name of a place) to geographical coordinates of the places (direct geocoding), and vice versa, the coordinates to the address. Geocoding is used practically everywhere in the user interface. For example, in searching, notifications, reports, task import, etc.
  • Route provider - as it goes from the name, this service allows you to build a route between two or more points. Also you can set up additional information (such as the travel mode: on foot, by public transport, by car) and other criteria. It is necessary when you need to estimate arrival time or to control deviation from the route.
  • Geolocation LBS / Cell-ID - allows to determine the approximate location of an object when GPS / GLONASS signals are not available. It uses land-line wireless networks, primarily mobile. It is used, for example, in searching for  an object in the underground parking.
  • Traffic - indicates traffic jams, gives an opportunity to assess the possible speed,to correct the time of arrival, etc.
  • Street View - opens a panoramic view of streets at selected places on the map, allows you to see detailed information about the point of interest such as the availability of parking places, the possibility of a reversal of heavy trucks, where you can find the unloading area etc.
  • Distance Matrix - calculates the distance and travel time between two points, used to evaluate the built route.

It is important to note that all the services are the objects of copyright: Navixy software gives a possibility to use them, but the legal aspects should also be resolved. One of possible legal ways to use the most popular GIS services is to get "Premium GIS" package offered by Navixy.

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